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Grab all my recipes for just £10

If you've enjoyed having a glimpse of my recipes this is where they are all  in one place, over 80 of them!

Finding truly sugar-free recipes can be difficult in a world dominated by the white stuff, even 'healthy' recipes can be packed with maple syrup, date syrup and honey which for many recovering sugar addicts can still keep us hooked.

My recipes contain no sweeteners apart from that from the whole fruit, so no syrups, no honey and certainly nothing artificial. 

Upgrade and Have an Equinox Moon Month for just £37 (approx $45 US)

Spring Equinox Cleanse Week

Connect with your Slow Body...

When we lighten how we eat, especially at this time of year, it’s like tilling the soil of our body, getting it ready for new growth and bringing in fresh energy. Winter soil in my part of the world is often claggy and heavy, it needs to be aerated for the new season, I feel like I need a freshen up too.

I don't know about you but the idea of cleansing always used to make me anxious, I got twitchy about feeling deprived, feeling awful and awash with cravings. That was before I started working with my body rather than against it and paying attention to what was happening out there in nature. Together these ingredients make it easy and nourishing and form the basis of my 'Slow Body' approach.

This approach means we are going gently, waking our body up slowly rather than a quick bash on the head, you can have a bit of a stretch first and feel your way into it. This is why adding-in and swapping with its gentle tweaks here and there makes all the difference.

If this inspires you, you are invited to join in the free Equinox week Swap and Add-in gentle cleanse happening in my My Sugar-free Journey Facebook group . I have created a free companion mini course where all the videos and recipes will be stored from the week plus a food diary sheet and a 'swaps' printable.

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Yes Please! I'm ready for Cleanse Week!

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