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Healing, Nourishment and Transformation are all possible using Natural Nutrition and Energy Medicine

Perhaps you are wanting to...

  • Feel free of food and sugar cravings, to love your body more
  • Have more energy for life and clarity around your goals
  • Work in a more connected way towards change, a way that acknowledges and embraces your body, mind, emotions and soul
  • Live, eat and heal in harmony with natural cycles and rhythms 

Fantastic, you have landed in the right place!

You can start your own transformational journey by subscribing to my 'Sugar-free' or 'Naturally Nourishing' freebies, booking in a free 30 minute taster session and/or joining my free community on Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you very soon.

With much love and bright blessings, Carol XX

Available Courses

Start your Sugar freedom Journey - Resource Bundle

This Sugar-freedom Resource Bundle contains 3 resources for just £33, between them they have everything you need to take your first steps to sugar-freedom.

  1. The Five Keys to Sugar-freedom - a freebie
  2. 21 Days and 21 Ways to Sugar-freedom - usually £47
  3. My Recipe Resource containing 80+ naturally sweet recipes (mostly vegan and vegetarian) - usually £10

Discover the 5 Keys that can Open the Door to Sugar-freedom

Feeling addicted to sugar can honestly feel like a prison of food obsession and intense cravings, I know, I was trapped in that world for decades.

In these 5 video classes class recorded live on Facebook, I will talk about the principle keys that I use, and explain to all my clients,  foundation for life-long sugar-freedom.

I share how you can turn the key for yourself to find sugar-freedom.

🗝This is a healing journey not a diet
🗝This is about nourishment not deprivation
🗝Understanding what your body recognises as sugar
🗝This journey is not personal it is biochemical
🗝Sugar-free is different to sugar-freedom

'Make a Bid for Sugar-freedom' - 4 Freebies in One Place!

It's a big deal letting go of sugar... I gave up the white stuff along with processed carbohydrates (essentially sugar) in May 2017, after decades of addiction, over-eating and binge-eating.

To start with I found it confusing, emotional and physically challenging and then I found it a miracle, a relief, a life changer.

I have now made it my mission to support you to do the same by sharing everything you might need to get started.

So come join my free group of intrepid sugar-freedom seekers and get the information you need to get going!

'My Sugar-free Life' - Inner Circle Monthly Membership

The sugar-free journey is a healing journey and a life enhancing lifestyle change; it affects every part of our being body, mind, emotions and soul. It is however often a rollercoaster of enormous highs and lows as we explore our relationship with food and our body.

'My Sugar-free Life' is a supportive monthly paying membership community where you can find all the information you need to make sugar-free living YOUR way of living. This approach is about working hand in hand with your beautiful body, bringing you more energy, clarity and vitality! 

80+ Wholesome Vegan & Vegetarian Sugar-Free Recipes

I have finally put together all my recipes in one place, over 80 of them!

Finding truly sugar-free recipes can be difficult in a world dominated by the white stuff, even 'healthy' recipes can be packed with maple syrup, date syrup and honey which for many recovering sugar addicts can still keep us hooked.

My recipes contain no sweeteners apart from that from the whole fruit, so no syrups, no honey and certainly nothing artificial. 

Find out how to connect in & work with the energy of the moon

This is the perfect course for you if you want to learn how the different moon phase affects how you eat. Perfect you already feel the effect in your body and you'd love to know more.

Different phases can help you cleanse more easily or nourish yourself more optimally.

The course includes visualisations, videos and downloadable information.

This is also a free bonus course as part of my monthly membership 'My Sugar-free Life' feel free to check it out if you feel addicted to sugar.

'Naturally Nourishing' - 6 Freebies in One Place!

Do you want to eat more healthily and live more naturally?

Do you moon-gaze and wonder what the different phases mean?

Would like to eat more seasonally but not sure how?

Would you like to know how nature expresses itself within you?

Then welcome to this collection of Naturally Nourishing freebies to enjoy.

Spring Equinox Cleanse Week

Time to gently wake up, Spring is edging in. This mini cleanse course will help you ReSet, ReBalance and ReWire so you feel back on track with your journey to Sugar-freedom.

'On-Track' Individual Support Online

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy with your 'lot' in life, stuck on your sugar-free journey, going around in circles with an issue in your relationship or health or business? Deep down knowing that you could achieve so much more.

I work with people who want to create transformation and change in any area of their life, including health, sugar addiction, nutrition, relationships, work and business. 

This free online taster session is the first step and will give you insight into how I work and how we could work together. 

Click 'Learn More' for some free tools and a bit more about me!

Begin or Begin Again - 3 Weeks to find Sugar-freedom

In this intimate Sugar-freedom group Pod you will receive my guidance and support to rewire those sugar cravings and reset your sugar-free journey. Over three weeks, I will help you become sugar-conscious, to be able to make smart swaps, and set the foundations for sugar-freedom.

There will be 4 Zoom calls and 3 live Facebook classes all in a dedicated group. It's time to take control of your sugar story and start your journey!

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