'Naturally Nourishing' - 6 Freebies in One Place!

One of my passions is embracing the richness of nature and allowing it to nourish me. Whether this is through seasonal eating, understanding the moon phases or getting insights into myself through the Chinese Five Elements. Life makes sense when I do this and this is what I love sharing with my clients and students.

This quote from Chief Seattle sums it up for me...

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

6 Topics

Keep on Track - Daily Check List

Keep on track if you have to work from home during lockdown...includes self care add-ins, energy medicine techniques plus tips to keep your eating on track.

Five Element Intuitive Eating

This is a two part freebie.

Part one is a simple and light-hearted quiz about the Chinese Five Elements and Intuitive eating. The aim is to help you get to know the 5 Elements and in particular which of the 5 Elements is showing itself for you at the moment. The Element that scores the highest may be what is referred to in Traditional Acupuncture circles as your Causative Factor (CF) i.e. the element from which all other imbalances originate, and if it is balanced it is the key to regaining balance and health.

There second part is called 'Food Super Powers and the Five Elements' and gives insights into the different aspects of food and nutrition and how these weave together with nourishing ourselves.

Living & Eating with the Moon

Have you ever wondered why the moon affects you, perhaps you didn't even realise it did. Enjoy this enlightening downloadable PDF to start your exploration into Natural Nutrition.

Autumn Moon Nourishment

This freebie gives you insight into eating during the Autumn waxing moon phase; a time of nourishment and re-nurturing our bodies. It combines the seasonal energy of release and enrichment from the Autumn Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the lunar phases. I have included recipes to nurture and heal.

Make the Perfect Soup, Salad and Smoothie - Recipe Templates

Sometimes we just need to be told simply and clearly how to make something. Soups, salads are smoothies are three ways to plenty of nourishment. Get these 3 easy templates to help you make delicious salads, soups and smoothies every time!

Kick Start Healthy Snacking

Here's a freebie looking at the merits of snacking, in it there are ideas for...

  • Snacking on the run
  • Easy peasy snack ideas
  • Ideas for those munchy evenings in
  • Be prepared with healthy ingredients to create your snacks
Topics for this course 6
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