'On-Track' Individual Support Online

This 30 minute taster session is an opportunity for you to find out how I work as well as get a useful, supportive tip or technique that you can use straight away. As with all sessions the aim is for you to go away feeling in a more balanced place of emerging clarity, ready for your next step.

How 'On Track' sessions work

After an initial 'catch-up', sessions involve some detective work; finding out where, why and how you have gone 'off track' and feel out of balance. This can be anything from a slow slippage because of ongoing life stress and circumstances or it could be something that has shocked the system, either recently or a long time ago. Often events and stories compound on each other, building up over time. Once we know what is going on in your energy system, it can be worked with. Often just knowing, and being witnessed sharing the story or the pattern, can bring profound relief and healing.

One of my clients once described her session as 'therapy on steroids'; this is not a 'being done unto' way of working, it's a working together, you with your life experience and body 'knowing' and me with the tools to guide you through the 'stuck, dense thicket' to the other side.

For me when I have my personal sessions I come away feeling that the scattered craziness I felt has disappeared and I feel a calmness at the centre of my being. Who remembers those magnetic iron filing toys where the filings would be scattered and then you'd use a magnetic pen to bring them all together into a shape?... for me Kinesiology is that magnetic pen.

All of my work is online via Zoom, so I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world; obviously time zone dependant. I use a pendulum to determine your muscle response to questions I ask your body 'knowing'. It's an intuitive response not a mental response and can reveal connections that often we would not usually make. Here's what Julee said about working with me...

My creative kinesiology sessions with Carol were very insightful and empowering. The process uncovered the layers to my resistance to what I was seeking and helped to shift them. I worked with Carol remotely and felt like we were in the same room although thousands of miles away. Carol’s warmth, humor and intuitive abilities made me feel at ease and allowed me to go deep within. She has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter to which you are seeking clarity and healing - Julee, US

Also Hilary...

You may have seen on Carol’s Friday newsletter where she talks a little about her kinesiology practice. I’m the client she mentions who’s started a weight loss journey. I just wanted to leave a testimonial to how amazing the session was. I’d never experienced kinesiology before. It was insightful, fascinating and very effective. And I felt very held all the way through.I’m at the start of a three month reset. I feel very positive and well prepared thanks to the session. -Hilary, France

Some topics clients have brought recently to sessions include ...

  • Feelings about a serious health diagnosis
  • Anxiety about COVID and work situation
  • Healthy boundaries in relationships
  • How to manage crazy sugar cravings
  • Feeling organised and prepared to release some weight

If you are curious to try this gentle but powerful way of healing and transformation, pop me an email and we can set up a 'taster' session.

I have included some freebies for you in the module sections to give a flavour of me and the work I do.

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